• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

What Are The Different Types Of Dishwashing Machines?


The advent of the dishwasher changed home life significantly, allowing us to trade in our rubber gloves for a quick, easy, and effective method of ensuring our dishes, glasses, and cutlery are clean. This also benefited restaurants greatly, allowing them to scrap the lengthy pot-washing process and switch to a super-fast cleaning method, improving the efficiency of the restaurant staff. Understanding the types of dishwashers available to you, whether it’s for your home or restaurant, is very important so that you can be certain you’ll choose the right one for you. To help, here are some of the different types available.

Front Control Dishwashers
These types of dishwashers tend to be the most common choices for households. They feature a control panel, which will include the settings and the on and off switch, on the front of the door. This door can then be opened from the top and pulled down to a horizontal position parallel to the floor. This allows you to pull the racks out on runners so that plates and other things can be added easily. These front-control dishwashers will have a number of different settings depending on the model and will generally include a digital display to show useful information, such as time remaining on the wash cycle.

Built-In Dishwashers
For those looking for a sleeker design for their dish washing machine, especially for a custom-made kitchen, a built-in panel dishwasher is often the most popular choice. These are dishwashers that have been fitted in place as normal but have had a panel affixed to the front of the dishwasher to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets. This would have to be done using a top control dishwasher, as a panel would block the buttons and dials on a front control dishwasher. While you can implement this alone, it’s not always the easiest task, especially if you haven’t renovated the kitchen yourself. To get this looking right, you may need to ask the person that is designing your kitchen to do the work for you. Otherwise, there is a risk that it won’t match the rest of the kitchen correctly.

Third Rack Dishwashers
For those needing extra space in their dishwasher, opting for the third rack model can be a great choice. Most other dishwashers will have a special container that holds cutlery and other smaller items so that they don’t fall to the bottom of the appliance. However, this naturally takes up some room on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. A third rack dishwasher adds a thinner rack at the very top to spread cutlery. This means that the cutlery container is no longer required and more things like plates, pots, and pans can be added to the lower rack instead.

Industrial Dishwashers
Restaurants and bars that require a constant flow of fresh and clean glasses and plates will use these dishwashing machines. They can clean items in a matter of minutes, feature removable trays that can be stacked with dirty items, and are then slid into the large dishwasher. These either open upwards or outwards like other non-industrial dishwashers, and some can even work like a conveyor belt, with trays being slid in from the side and then out of the other side once clean. These heavy-duty dishwashers use intense heat and powerful water jets to blast items clean quickly and effectively so that you won’t have to wait for ages for clean plates or glasses.