• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

International Trade Software Solutions: A Game Changer for FMCG B2B Platforms

In the current global market, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies encounter numerous challenges. However, Distichain’s pre-built FMCG B2B platform provides a solution for buyers and sellers to connect and trade on a global scale without any worries. This platform offers end-to-end transactions, making it a superpower for import and export in the FMCG B2B industry.

Distichain offers an enhanced trade experience, started by professionals with over 40 years of expertise in wholesale distribution and trading. As a result, it has established itself as one of the top B2B platforms in the market.

Features provided by Distichain:

• Deal Formation and Negotiation

• Quotation of Logistics & Discounted Rate

• Blockchain Technology

• Dashboard and Reporting Engine

• Roles & Permissions

• Buy-Now-Pay-Later With

• Lowest Market Rate

Distichain offers tailored solutions to enhance trade within the FMCG industry across different sectors. These include:

• Wholesale: Set up a convenient one-stop-shop for faster sourcing with warehousing options for your certified and bulk procurements.

• Manufacturing: Connect directly with reliable traders who provide finances, eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs.

• Free Zones: Facilitate procurements and distribution services from here, using the buy-now-pay-later service to support your capital spending.

• Distribution: Speed up your distribution process with our efficient feature. Additionally, Distichain offers the lowest market rate for your pay-later needs.

Benefits Provided by Distichain

• Fast Time to Market:Entering the market is made easy and fast with their pre-built and ready-to-use solution.

• Unlimited integrations: It offers integrated financial management features that help in processing payments and reduce complexity with fluctuations in the currencies.

• Improved efficiency and productivity: This platform offers an efficient workflow for managing orders, invoicing, and documentation.

• Transparency and Visibility: Distichain offers its customers with transparency and visibility so that they never have to think that they don’t know what they are getting into. It provides you with features like source tracking to avoid counterfeit goods

• Global market reach: Distichain has a global presence thanks to their excellent communication and collaboration with small communities, brands, and producers. By utilizing their B2B FMCG platform, you, your customers, and traders can save a significant amount on indirect costs and brokerage fees while expanding into new markets with ease.

• Reducing Manual processes: With our system, you can efficiently manage all functions, including email automation and reducing human errors. From administrative tasks to the supply chain processes, our platform can streamline everything, saving valuable time and reducing operational costs for everyone involved.

Now everyone wants a digital life, so why stay behind? Be the mover and switch to international trade software solut ions for end-to-end customer experience with all the functions, saving you time and cost and providing you access to a greater market.