• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

How To Clean and Replace Air Purifier Filters For Optimal Performance

The air purifier machine can prevent the spread and movement of harmful pollutants in the air of a room or a limited area. It catches and restricts air pollutants like pollen, dust, and germs and refreshes the used air in a room with fresh air. 

Much of this work is possible with advanced filters in the machine. The filters are vital parts that need cleaning or regular replacements. A Panasonic air purifier filter with a HEPA filter will need proper maintenance for optimal benefits. 

How To Clean Air Purifier Filters

Air purifier filters are always washable, making it easy for users to clean and maintain them easily. Every air purifier has a display panel that will reflect the stage of the clean filter. 

  • Always read the user manual for filter cleaning instructions. Each brand has its distinct cleaning and maintenance guidelines. It may not include washing. 
  • HEPA filters are not always washed but are cleaned dry with hand brushing. 
  • Check for the alert sign on the user manual and observe the sign on the panel. When it is displayed, you will know that the filter is no longer cleaned and needs a wash. 
  • Before taking out the filter, ensure the machine is switched off and unplugged from the electric connection. 
  • You can click to open the filter panel by pressing gently at the bottom of the filters on the machine. 
  • Most air purifier filters are washable with water. You can use lukewarm water and add a mild cleaning agent to it. 
  • Be sure not to use any harsh or chemical-based cleaning agent. It may damage the filter surface. Do not scrub with quick movements of the hand. It may damage the filters. 
  • If your air purifier is not washable, do not use any liquid agent to clean it. 
  • Gently clean it with a brush or tap it on a surface to let out the dust. Such filters are delicate. Rough handling can easily damage them. 

To be aware of the cleaning methods, always refer to the user manual or ask a company representative to give a demonstration. 

When Should You Replace The Filter 

If you regularly clean and maintain the air purifier filter, you will get clean and pure air within the premises. But the longevity of the air filters will reduce their efficiency despite cleaning. 

  • Replacement of air purifier filters will be necessary after a period. 
  • It would be safe to ask brand representatives about the replacement period to ensure the smooth working of the air purifier. 
  • You may need to change the air purifier filter about two to three times a year if it is used daily for long hours. 
  • Always buy the air filter from the brand company you are using. There are duplicates in the market that may affect the purifier’s efficacy. 
  • You can follow the step-by-step process of filter replacement given in the manual or ask for a demonstration from a company representative. 

It is prudent to ask the company service technician for assistance and guidance. Each brand has a separate mechanism that has unique features. Generic video demos and information may have opposite results.