Electric Walk Behind Mowers

The time of age has finally arrived for battery powered walk behind mowers. No longer are they considered gimmicks or toys, but real options and alternatives to conventional gas lawn mowers. In the past performance and battery life where a real limiting factor for these mowers, in the best 4 years we have seen manufactures invest heavily in the development and design, in particularly battery life and performance of the electric motors of these mowers where they are now starting to match entry level gas powered lawn mowers in performance.

Lawn mower manufactures have taken note of the popularity of the “Go Green” movement and are now positioning themselves to be leaders in this technology. With this healthy competition each manufacture wants to out do their competitor which has resulted in many benefits to consumer of these products. The most obvious benefit has been price; no longer do you have to pay double that of a gas mower, now you can find battery lawn around the same price or under the price of gas mowers. Most battery mowers are priced under $300.

When Battery walk behind mowers first came on the market they where powered by a 12 Volt battery and motor, then they become obsolete and where followed by a 24 Volt battery and motors mowers. We are now starting to see the first of the 36 Volt batteries and motor power lawn mowers enter the market, these mowers have a huge improvement on battery life and motor performance. Along with new technology in electric motors such as “permanent magnets” and “brushless motor” designs has increased their cutting power performance to rival that of gas lawn mowers.

You will find the same features on these mowers as with gas mowers: like mulching options, side chute and bagging (catcher) options even self propelled battery powered lawn mowers. You will be doing yourself and the environment a favor to look into trading in you gas mower for battery mower. Do some further research yourself and you will discover that battery driven mowers a now a smart and economically sound choice for your next mower.

We have done some research and have come up with the three most popular battery powered lawn mowers. The popularity is based on hundreds of customer’s reviews and rating who have purchased and used the mower. All the mowers featured below had an over all rating 4 stars or more out of 5.

1. Earthwise 60120 20 Inch 24 Volt. Features a solid steel deck, removable battery for easy charging, large 20″ cutting path and ball bearing wheel. Very sturdy built mower. 3 in 1 mowing options, side discharge, mulching or rear catcher.

2. Epic EP21H 21 Inch. Currently the only self propelled battery mower on the market. Features a Terra Phase High Performance 24 volt brushless motor and a large 21′ cutting path. You also get the 3 in one cutting option and an optional solar panel to charge the batteries.

3. Black & Decker CMM1200. The stand out features of this mower is that it is rated the highest performing electric mower in 2008. It is powered by a 1200 watt output permanent magnet electric 24 volt motor. Also first in its class to offer a charger that qualifies for the Energy Star approval mark.

If you would like to see the full reviews of the lawn mowers feature in this article and many more, visit our website Walk Behind Mower [http://www.walk-behind-mower.com]. You will also find links to the customer reviews and video reviews of each of the electric lawn mowers [http://www.walk-behind-mower.com/electric-walk-behind-mower] featured on our website.


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